Yes, I haven't posted in awhile. It's because i've just been busy trying to get in as many dates in as i can with my supa cute boyfriend before he turns into a missionary and leaves to serve the lord for 2 years. We've done so many fun things this past month but these are just some of my favorites! 

Another cabin retreat... yes i know we are obsessed with cabins.

Fire pit in the freezing cold with our fave couple.

Hiking Adams Canyon

The shooting range! (suprisingly i'm hecka good)

Exploring Salt Lake City Library

I'm gonna miss him when he's gone :(


V Day


I've never really liked Valentines Day that much... but ever since last year my mind has been changed. Now, I love it!

I got to spend the whole day with my very best friend. It's sad to think that I won't get to be with him for next years or the year after that, a few tears were shed :'( and we made this year really count. He spoiled me with little presents with notes all during day, making everything so special. I was excited all day, wondering what could be coming next. It was everything I could have asked for!

here are a few photo's from v day:



I have been blessed with so many great friends. These are the 6 girls in my life that rock my world.

Photo taken by: Shelby Millerberg
^^This is Cavin.
Cavin is pronouced (ca-vin) like cat with out the t and fin replaced with a v . Our whole life, idiots have pronouced it like cabin, coovin, coffin, kevin, keevin. Like seriously how hard is it to just say Cavin. We think it's really annoying. I've known Cav since we were little tikes we've been best friends ever since she stopped playing with dinosaurs. No matter what, Cav is always killin' it with her outfits and style. She has her own way of expressing herself and she is one of the most real girls I know. Cav is a really good listener and loves her friends, she'd do anything for them. Cavin was never just given anything to her, whatever she wants she works really hard to get it. I love that about her. Cav also loves an adventure or a good time. Whenever I'm hungry or just want a treat, I always know who to call. She's my best friend forever and always. You could say i'm pretty lucky. 

Photo taken by: Stefanie Middaugh

^^This is Tara.
Tara and I were pen pals when we went to different schools in the 3rd grade. We met once and have been inseperable ever since. Tara loves rock music, guns, zombies, and playing x-box. She isn't the average girl that's why I love her so much, she's one of a kind. Tara is also one of the most real girls I've met. Tara hates getting pictures taken of herself which I don't know why because she is beautiful. Tara is a homebody and doesn't like leaving her house that much. She's a really great friend and will always be there for me. I love her.

^^This is Lexie. 
Friends call her Lex, Lexa, Lexie, Smooter Cooter or Alexa depending on the mood she's in. Lexie  is a fish, she has her own pool, pretty much owns bear lake, and is always in the water. She also is a twirl girl. Her whole life she has danced and specialized in ballet until recently she broke her ankle the 2nd time. Her dreams of becoming a high school dance teacher were crushed but she quickly found a new dream. Lex never gives up. People think just because her parents are rich that she just gets everything handed to her but that is not the case. She is one of the most hard working girls I know. Lexa loves bows, frills, lace, sparkles and everything girly. She is the type of girl that falls in love hard and gives everything to that person. She's really passionate about everything in her life and I admire her for that. She is always willing to listen or cry with you and I really love her for always being there.

This is Becca. 
^^Becca looks like a model. She has the perfect hair, skin, and body (you should see her in a swim suit). Bec and I have known eachother since we were just babies also. Our mom's are really good friends. Becca is getting married soon to Carlo's Carling, then we are going to have the same last name and be sisters. Becca is my favorite person to dance and mess around with. She always looks good no matter what and never fails to impress with the outfits she comes up with. Bec is gonna be a really good wife and mom some day. I like how she cries when she is away from her boyfriend Taylor it's cute because they love each other so much. Bec sucks at cooking but is really creative and comes up with good ideas for crafts and stuff. In high school she was my favorite person to play lacrosse with, she is so good, and we always meshed while we played. Becca is a really good friend and I love her to death. 

^^This is Krista, she is Columbian. 
Krista has the most amazing singing voice. I love when she sings because it sounds like an angel from heaven. If you can't tell from the picture, she has beautiful eye-lashes. I wish mine looked like hers. Krista is always there for her friends, no matter what. She knows when you're sad or having a bad day and just come give you a hug. She is funny too and always makes me laugh. Krista loves to share her things with everyone and is very welcoming to new people. She is obsessed with Harry Potter and really likes Lord of the Rings. Krista gives really scary glares but it's just because she is thinking, not because she hates you. Even though I have only been friends with Krista for less than 2 years it feels like so much longer. I love her so much.

^^This is Shmerg. 
Her real name is Shelby but I have never called her that in my whole life. When I met her about 2 years ago I meshed parts of her first and last name together and it has stuck ever since. Shmerg loves photography, we take pictures together. She also loves to travel and wants to do it when she grows up. Shmerg is very free spirited and likes to try new things. She has really pretty blonde hair. She is shy around big groups of people and the opposite when it is just you and her. Shmerg loves pinterest and was always coming up with new recipes to try. She is a closed book and I'm always wondering what she'll do next. I love having her as my friend!

.........Told you I'm lucky. If you haven't gotten to know these girls you really should, promise you won't regret it!



For a long time I heard about how great "Sin City" was. It wasn't until this weekend that I actually got to go visit and let me tell you it was nothing I had expected, it was better.

We stayed our first night in St. George; Cow-tipping, bonfire, dead fish, cops, red rock, little ceasers pizza, off-roading, the petting zoo and more. 

4 hours of sleep later we drove to Vegas in the rain. I couldn't believe how cool the city was. There was so much to do there. We went to the shark aquarium, road a rollercoaster, went in the casinos (I even gambled with a dollar), had lunch, went to the top of the stratosphere, and lots more. By the end of the day I literally thought my feet were going to fall off from all the walking we did. Besides seeing lots and lots of boobs and a homeless guy smirking while  pooping on the street, I loved every minute of it. If you haven't been to Vegas, I seriously recommend that you GO!  

Now I know why everyone's been talking about this place. :)